The peloton included cycling personalities led by Tour de France champion Andy Schleck, the winners of the three stages of the most famous cycling race, Ján Svorada and Zdeněk Štybar, and the Olympic speed skating winner Martina Sáblíková.

Michal Kollert won the finish line after three and a half hours. “An incredible experience, I don’t have many words to describe it. The atmosphere was already electrifying at the start. During the whole race, there was a huge number of people standing at the track, who tirelessly encouraged, “said the winning Kollert, who scored a triumph in a close spurt after last year’s second place.

Tom Pidcock

The famous Pidcock. The Olympic champion moved to the Czech world by bike

“In the first period, the field tore, one had to think a lot and consider strategy. I experienced the crisis in the dreaded climb to Křivoklát, but fortunately my legs went well, “he continued. “I am really happy for the victory. The fans whipped us to great times. “

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Martina Sáblíková, a speed skating champion, has once again established herself among the masters. “I praised the backdrop last year, this year, thanks to the beautiful weather, there was a lot more fans. I needed their support, in the end I drove almost fifty kilometers alone and I really rummaged, “the winner admitted.

Author Šela Marathon 2022. Jaroslav Kulhavý

It wouldn’t be bad to say goodbye to a medal, says Lame. Now he mainly deals with teeth

Zdeněk Štybar, Ján Svorada and Andy Schleck completed the track without racing ambitions and with the clear goal of supporting amateur cyclists. The latter even stopped at several fan venues. “Although I am not used to commuting with such a loss to the winner, I will definitely not be upset today,” laughed the famous Luxembourger at the finish.

“I was prepared for the fact that spectators in the Czech Republic understand cycling and come to cheer, but the reality far exceeded my expectations. There were literally crowds all over the track, people cheered for the fighters at the top and at the end of the peloton, “he bowed to the spectator community.